Google Glass taking 'hands free' to a whole new level

The obvious benefits of a wearable computer includes the ability to accomplish a lot more with minimal human efforts, but completely eliminating the need to use your hands is a whole new chapter for technology enthusiasts globally. One strange thing about general people mentality is that they value a unique experience over usability. I know it sounds slightly unsettling but it is true. A research conducted by the team of 'Brain Games' suggests that almost 80% of the people would prefer to use


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Our latest work : Design and Development of "Tiger Camera 2014". This is 3rd time we have been preferred by Tiger Stores, Denmark to design and develop their most famous and popular Photo Competition App. Tiger Stores are largest chain of supermarkets in Europe (Just like Walmart is in USA, Tiger is in Europe).


Out of Office. Our Team! Our Joy! (September 2014)

We mingle. September is the month, where we love to see ourself as the most committed to build, strengthen and grow better for every passed year and months. It's a foundation, where we started from 2005. We just like to live, live for every moment of it. The whole team, gathers up and makes sure that we reach up to the level that is never before. We commit ourselves that we will be partying hard every coming year (Out of Office). We commit to each other for giving our best outputs. Check out our Top Management Team's (OOO)

We don't just work. We celebrate. (December 2013)

We just don't like to live dull and cut off from the world in our festive seasons, instead we like to cheer up with our office mates. As December is one of the best month because of its climate and worlds biggest celebration festival CHRISTMAS. We celebrate with different outfits day to come out of our daily routine mood and like to fill with colors of tradition. Check out one of our departments in full traditional and a charming smile on faces.