Like a perfect dish needs all the perfect tools and a great environment to be prepared in, a perfect website or application needs the right laboratory for all the processing. We at ESWtechnolabs have invested a lot of time, money and energy in building one solid and holistic lab which lets us create some of the best web and mobile applications in the world.

Horoscope On Glass

Our lab is fully equipped with state of the art technology and expert resources that have helped us create some of the world’s most reputed mobile and web apps. After procuring the Google Glass during the one day Glass sale, we have created many demo apps. Recently, our lab has facilitated us in creating a host of fresh and customized applications for many companies from different segments of the market.

Insurance App

Apart from having created Google Glass apps for other companies, we have also successfully home produced our own brand new insurance app that allows insurance companies to reduce their overhead expenses and claim settlement duration. Our app has quickly won a lot of appreciation from the insurance market and users who have been waiting for such technology to touch the market.

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